Hash Holes: Navigating the Packaging Challenges

Hash Holes: Navigating the Packaging Challenges

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, hash holes stand out not just as a lucrative opportunity for brands, but as a significant cultural element in recent years that fosters community and connection. These premium products, expertly hand crafted by combining high-quality cannabis flower with hash rosin, are designed for sharing.

Originating from traditional centuries-old practices, hash holes have been refined for the modern connoisseur. Creating them requires a skilled artisan, making each hash hole a testament to the craft within the industry. By embracing these unique, communal products, brands can tap into new revenue streams and enhance their market presence, attracting both long-time cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers seeking an authentic, shared experience.

What is a Hash Hole?

Image courtesy of Fidel's via Thrillist

Hash holes, also called donuts, donut holes, snake holes, and several other nicknames, are joints made by rolling up a log or “snake” of hash (typically ice water hash or rosin) within the ground flower. The point is to get a little of each with every puff. When created correctly, the hash within the joint is positioned directly at the center, evenly enveloped by the flower. This results in what appears as a "hole" when the joint is burned, hence the name 'hash hole.'

Infused Joints vs. Hash Holes

Cannabis products come in all shapes and sizes, and pre-rolls are no exception. At its most basic, a pre-roll consists of ground cannabis. Take it a step further, and we have infused joints (or pre-rolls), which combine ground cannabis with any kind of concentrate such as BHO, live resin, live rosin, kief, bubble hash, terpenes, sauce, etc.

Enter hash holes, a premium, elevated version of the infused pre-roll. Typically made with a substantial amount of bubble hash or rosin (often half to one full gram), hash holes often come at a higher price point and are often sold individually instead of in multipacks. Additionally, hash holes are often larger, resembling cigar-style rolls, and require a special tip to ensure the best smoking experience.

Hash Hole History 

While the practice of combining cannabis flower and hashish (a concentrated form of cannabis) dates back centuries, with origins in regions like Morocco and the Middle East, the modern-day hash hole which combines clean, premium, solventless hash or rosin with ground flower is a distinctly modern innovation.

As consumers become more knowledgeable and discerning, they often graduate from basic pre-rolls to more premium products like hash holes. Over the past decade, the rise of solventless processing has paved the way for a niche cannabis connoisseur culture. This shift has spurred an increased demand for not just top-tier cannabis products but also unique, innovative solventless offerings.

The Birth of Hash Holes in the Traditional Market

The first hash hole was created by Shawn Damirdjian of California, known as Fidel Hydro. Damirdjian is a passionate cannabis connoisseur, cultivator, plant breeder, and a leading innovator in the infused pre-roll market. His foray into cannabis cultivation was inspired by his brother, Serge, who co-founded the Cookies Maywood dispensary and had his own cannabis brand.

Image courtesy of Fidel's via Thrillest

Hash holes first made their appearance in 2018 in the Bay Area's traditional market via Fidel’s Hash Holes after inspiration was sparked during a 2018 trip to Barcelona for Spannabis. These joints are meticulously crafted from high-quality cannabis and top-tier six-star ice water hash.

Hash Holes Today

After gaining popularity in the traditional market, hash holes transitioned into the legal market, symbolizing the growing acceptance and demand for innovative, high-quality cannabis products. Today, more and more brands are creating hash hole offerings, especially in mature markets like Colorado and California. Denver-based Red Roots Rolling Company, solely focused on hash holes, has seen major success collaborating with other Colorado brands like Mighty Melts and Green Dot Labs.

Packaging Hash Holes: The Challenges

However, the unique size, shape, and premium nature of hash holes presents a challenge for packaging. Unlike standard pre-rolls that can utilize stock packaging like pop-top tubes, or custom options such as cigarette-style multipacks and tins, hash holes require custom solutions to accommodate their wider diameters, longer lengths, and larger filter tips. Not only that, but brands are seeking airtight, preservative packaging befitting a premium product crafted with costly, high-quality inputs.

This is where innovators like Chubby Gorilla have stepped in to provide purpose-built packaging for hash holes and other large specialty pre-rolls. Their Aviator and Spiral tube lines, for example, are designed specifically to fit the larger dimensions of hash holes while still maintaining an airtight seal via integrated gaskets. This gapless closure is critical for preserving valuable terpenes and cannabinoids, especially when packaging solventless rosin products.

The Chubby Gorilla x Vert Partnership

Recognizing the importance of branding and packaging for high-end products like hash holes, Chubby Gorilla has partnered with Vert to not only supply their premium containers but also to provide rapid customization services, getting you to market in premium packaging within a fraction of the traditional time and cost. In other words, you as the brands get to deal with a single source supplier: Vert. Through this partnership, brands can work with Vert to design, produce, and apply custom labels and branding to Chubby's specialty tubes and jars, ensuring a polished, cohesive look aligned with their brand identity. 

Vert goes even further by offering pre-applied labeling services, saving brands time and resources. We can also produce custom case packs and secondary packaging to complete the branded experience for hash hole products. This comprehensive set of packaging services from the Chubby Gorilla and Vert partnership allows brands to extend a premium, polished look all the way through to their ultra-premium hash hole lineup.

The Future of Hash Holes

As cannabis enthusiasm and the solventless concentrate movement continue growing, so too will the demand for premium, innovative products like hash holes. Brands able to deliver a true top-shelf experience - from impeccable sourcing and production, to pitch-perfect branding and packaging - will be poised to lead this nascent but booming product category. With purpose-built solutions like Chubby Gorilla's hash hole-ready packaging, the runway is clear for the brightest brands to shine. 

Ready to explore all of Vert’s hash hole packaging solutions? Fill out the form below today! We’d love to help you tackle your next project.

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