About Us


Our mission at Vert is to empower brands to accelerate the development and launch of products by simplifying packaging selection, design, and procurement. We offer a versatile and single-source supply chain that includes a full range of products and high-end creative services, allowing operators to focus on their craft and trust Vert to manage the rest.

Meet the Team

Dustin Steerman

Founder & CEO

Alex Cline

Co-founder & COO

Mallory Tjaden

Marketing Lead

Ben Chambers

Customer Success Manager

Zac Armstrong

Sales Lead

Laura Mae Barboza

Creative Project Manager

Our Story

At Vert, we believe that buying cannabis packaging shouldn't be a headache. Our team has been in cannabis since 2015 and has experienced the challenges that come with the traditional packaging process. It's slow, complicated, and just doesn't jive with the fast-paced, innovative world of cannabis. As the industry is rapidly developing, operators need packaging solutions that aren't going to slow things down or make launches a logistical nightmare. They need solutions that will fuel growth and make brand and product launches smooth, timely, and organized. The trifecta of speed, quality, and affordability was missing in the packaging world - until now.

Our initial idea was to bridge the gap between drop culture and cannabis, making it much quicker, easier, and less expensive to drop products in the market at any scale. So, we thought, why not tear down the traditional supply chain and start fresh? We took cannabis packaging back to the drawing board and rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is much bigger than we ever imagined – a rapid, single source, on-demand supply chain with no minimums.

Born from Cannabis

Built for Cannabis

USA-Based Printing & Manufacturing

Premium Packaging Selection

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