Chubby Gorilla Spiral 5oz Flower Jar

$0.95 per unit


Easily fits quarters of virtually all strains

Color: Clear/Black
Total Quantity: 300

Total Quantity

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About this Product

Give your flower another reason to sit on the top shelf with these client favorite Chubby Gorilla Spiral eighth and quarter ounce flower jars. Their premium construction and industry leading lid instantly conveys quality. These Chubby Gorilla flower containers are renowned for their all-in-one cap technology that’s combined with a self applying tamper evident seal and their signature Spiral-style tactile friendly lateral grooved top. They’re available in a variety of different colors and with custom branding immediately attract attention on dispensary shelves. We’ve been told repeatedly they’re a fan favorite by operators and customers alike.

Did you know that we also offer fully customizable pre-applied labels, boxes, cartons, shippers, and more? Contact us to personalize your branded Chubby Gorilla Spiral flower jars with Vert today!

Containers with a Purpose

All-in-One Smart Cap

With a built-in tamper evident band, the SmartCap is more than just a closure. After filling the containers with product, properly applying the SmartCap automatically engages the tamper evident band so that the next time the container is opened it has an unbroken seal.

Gapless Surface Seal

Upon closure, the proprietary SmartCap automatically creates a gapless surface-to-surface seal with the cap and container neck preventing odor leaks, cannabinoid and terpene loss.

Smooth Secure Closure

With a rotational suspension closure, effortlessly engage the cap with a spring-loaded mechanism that retracts automatically, providing a levitating feel and a crisp click-slide sensation. These containers also include a child-resistant cap designed for easy operation by seniors.

Tarot Tokes branded Chubby Gorilla Spiral flower jars placed on a tile table with the sun shining on the labels

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