The Efficiency Edge: Pre-Applied Cannabis Packaging Labels

The Efficiency Edge: Pre-Applied Cannabis Packaging Labels

Alongside the plant’s journey to legalization, cannabis packaging has also evolved. Transitioning from medical to recreational markets spurred an explosion of branding and packaging innovation beyond generic offerings. But in simply striving to meet exploding demand, efficiency was initially not the focus.

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As the market matures though, there’s a sharper focus on quality materials, competitive pricing, and simplifying processes. Driving out unnecessary costs and layers is key to increasing efficiency, margins, and remaining competitive. The question is now: how to minimize touch points from seed to sale? Cannabis packaging requires countless steps between harvesting, manufacturing products, and getting them onto retail shelves. Streamlining processes is key to keeping overhead costs down. One often-overlooked efficiency booster is pre-applied packaging labels. Let’s explore this time and money saver.

What Are Pre-Applied Labels?

Pre-applied labels refer to adhesive stickers already affixed to packaging like jars, tubes and more before they arrive at the cannabis facility. This means brands skip the step of manually applying labels to each container when packaging the product for customers. The labels come already attached to containers and are ready to fill.

The Struggle is Real

While pre-applied labeling is standard in many consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories, it has traditionally faced hurdles taking hold in cannabis packaging. For example, most custom label providers just offer labels. They don’t store primary containers in their warehouse and they don’t have equipment to apply labels. So, brands source packaging components from various vendors, with over 75% of them buying from multiple suppliers to produce a single finished product.

For high-volume manufacturers, in-house automated label application can bring some consolidation. Even then though, many still require support managing packaging components. For the small to mid-sized brands, acquiring label application equipment just simply isn’t feasible.

This fragmented process sparked Vert’s lightbulb moment. By uniting labeling and box manufacturing, primary container sourcing/storage, and label application under one roof, streamlined packaging is now finally available for cannabis businesses of all sizes on demand.

When Do Pre-Applied Labels Make Sense?

Any business utilizing pre-roll tubes, concentrate jars, flower jars, or tins are perfect candidates. With low to no minimum order quantities, the Vert platform enables brands of any scale to leverage pre-applied stickering on their containers of choice.

How? At our manufacturing operations, where we print then apply custom stickers and produce boxes with premium embellishments, we also stock a wide range of primary containers, offering you the ability to manage an on-demand supply chain, regardless of order variability.

For small batch producers doing manual labeling as a finishing step, Vert can develop custom solutions to integrate pre-applied efficiency into your workflow where applicable - even if your finishing labels are tamper evident seals. For example, if you have a lid label and a wrap-around tamper evident label, Vert can apply your lid label before shipment and you can apply your tamper evident wrap-around label after filling the jars with product.

Even completely custom form factors, not offered on our bundle building platform, can be set up for pre-applied labeling before shipment. We navigate the complexities so any size brand can cut down on touch points where possible.

Major Time and Money Savings

While there is definitely some variability on how much time and money you can save, pre-applied labeling leads to less touch points for a brand, which ultimately reduces the costs of goods and increases profit margins. This is often an expense that is overlooked when evaluating unit economics. While reducing manual labor provides the most immediate payoff, pre-applied labels offer additional benefits:

  • Scalability to accommodate growth or seasonal spikes
  • Reduced labeling errors compared to manual application
  • Consistent placement from one package to the next, improving aesthetics
  • Streamlined workflow allowing you to allocate your resources to higher value tasks

Pre-applied label solutions check all the boxes for cannabis brands focused on elevating employee packaging experiences, driving operational excellence, and a consistent look on shelves. 

The Vert Advantage: Solutions for All

Vert offers pre-applied labels across a variety of compliant cannabis packaging including concentrate jars, boxes, tubes, pre-roll boxes, vape packaging, and much more. Through our single source manufacturing operation, we can deliver your custom-branded packaging with labels already attached and ready to fill. Have your own primary containers? We can build a customized solution to print and apply labels to your containers.

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But more importantly, by removing traditional obstacles like high minimums, long lead times, and complicated supply chain logistics, Vert makes pre-applied labeling accessible for businesses of every size. Let us customize a solution tailored to your specific production volumes and workflows - whether you are a small craft producer or a major multi-state brand. Our platform enables cannabis companies across the spectrum to drive savings, quality control, scalability, and professionalism through pre-applied labels and much more.

Streamlining cannabis operations is crucial to remaining lean and profitable as a market matures. Contact us today using the form below to explore pre-applied labeling and other efficiency-boosting packaging solutions tailored for your brand.

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