POP VAC Vacuum Sealed 4ml Concentrate Jar

$1.43 per unit

Best for 1 - 2g of any concentrate

Color: Clear/Black
Total Quantity: 504

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About This Product

Premium concentrates deserve a container worthy of their contents. Meet POP VAC’s 4ml child resistant self-sealing extracts jar, which is one of our top selling options that can fit up to 2 grams of rosin, live resin, full melt, or any other dabbable concentrate. POP VAC’s groundbreaking leak proof technology combines a flexible stainless steel vacuum disk with a food grade rubber gasket to create an airtight seal that dramatically improves shelf life, reduces cannabinoid degradation, and protects terpenes. Our POP VAC jars are available in sleek black, white, or clear colored glass with either black or white lids so you can customize them to perfectly match your brand’s aesthetic. Connoisseurs now instantly recognize these jars as a sign of quality, so if you want to have your SKUs instantly stand out, these jars are a must-try. 

Did you know that we also offer fully customizable pre-applied labels, boxes, cartons, shippers, and more? Contact us to personalize your branded POP VAC concentrate jars with Vert today!

Top Benefits

Black POP VAC concentrate jar render showing the jar on its side with the top of the lid facing the viewer and showing off the vacuum seal technology in the center of the cap

Freshness You Can Hear

Experience freshness like never before with our unique snappy user interface. Each time you seal or open the jar, you'll hear a satisfying "pop". This isn't just a pleasing sound - it's the sound of a vacuum seal being made or released, ensuring your concentrates stay as fresh as the moment they were stored. It's more than just a jar, it's an audible assurance of freshness.

Pre-Cleaned & Inspected

Save time and ensure the highest standards with pre-cleaned and sealed jars. Each jar is meticulously inspected, cleaned, and sealed before reaching your hands. This means you can focus on what matters most - your product. No more time-consuming cleaning before filling. Just open, fill, and seal for a streamlined packaging process.

Designed For Preservation

We understand that cannabis products are unique, and they deserve a unique storage solution. That's why POP-VAC’s jars are the first of their kind, designed specifically with cannabis concentrates in mind. The size, the seal, the interface - every aspect of the jar’s technology has been developed to preserve the quality and potency of your cannabis products.

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