POP-VAC Concentrate and Flower Jars: Preserving Terpenes and Accelerating Craft Cannabis Drop Culture

POP-VAC Concentrate and Flower Jars: Preserving Terpenes and Accelerating Craft Cannabis Drop Culture

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, innovation isn't just about new SKUs for dispensary shelves - it's also about product presentation and preservation. For concentrates and flower, maintaining quality from creation to consumption and beyond poses challenges. How can brands retain sensitive terpenes, textures, and craft through transit and storage? While sleek packaging exists, most options overlook cannabis' intricacies, sometimes leading to degraded customer experiences. 

On the other side of the coin, a prevalent issue operators face, whether in concentrate or flower jars, is receiving contaminated containers covered with dust or other particles from their supplier(s). In an industry where time is equivalent to money, this undoubtedly presents hurdles and demands an additional touchpoint for sterilizing the jars before filling them.

POP-VAC Jars: Engineered to Preserve and Showcase Excellence

With those challenges in mind and years of hands-on engagement within the solventless concentrate sector, POP-VAC developed a revolutionary jar. The intuitive pop-to-open vacuum seal and terpene-locking cavity technology offers the control needed to maintain concentrate and flower integrity from production through consumption. Not only that, POP-VAC jars come pre-washed and sealed, so they are ready for immediate filling upon arrival. This delivered a solution aligned with cultivators, hash makers, and consumers invested in quality and efficiency. 

A Shared Commitment to Craft

At Vert, our journey into the world of craft cannabis product packaging began with a keen eye on the revolutionary POP-VAC jars that hit the traditional rosin market in early 2023. The meticulous design, particularly the lid sealing off the jar to maintain the integrity of volatile cannabis compounds, showcased a commitment to quality that resonated with us. 

Seeing POP-VAC's expansion from traditional markets into recreational cannabis, their immense potential became clear - finally, premium packaging purpose-built for small producers and startups typically priced out of top-shelf solutions. No longer does quality branding require large budgets and massive scale. By removing barriers to the most innovative packaging, POP-VAC and Vert’s partnership empowers businesses of all sizes to provide cannabis experiences as artfully crafted as the products within.

Empowering Brands Through Customization

Our collaboration with POP-VAC extends beyond mere distribution; it's about customization and simplification. What sets Vert apart is our approach to empower brands by providing a single source solution. Instead of sourcing jars from one vendor and labels from another, we offer a streamlined service down to 100-unit minimums for jars, labels, and secondary boxes. This approach enables small-batch operators to focus on their craft, sparing them the hassle of juggling multiple touchpoints.

Preserving the essence of craft is at the heart of what Vert and POP-VAC strive to achieve. Our strategic relationship signifies not just a business collaboration but a commitment to preserving the artistry and dedication that goes into producing top-tier cannabis products.

In response to the unique demands of the cannabis drop culture, Vert has developed a model as the go-to hub for mass customization in cannabis primary containers, including the innovative POP-VACs. Unlike the conventional approach of sourcing jars, labels, and boxes from different suppliers, Vert's model streamlines the process by offering all these components in small runs from one source. While stock POP-VAC jars are readily available online, obtaining branded jars that are prepped for filling involves a complex equation – one that Vert simplifies with rapid customization.

This model is engineered to address the specific needs of the cannabis drop culture, a facet often overlooked by traditional supply chains. The aim is to free up your time, allowing you to focus on your craft instead of navigating a convoluted supply chain. Now you can seamlessly deliver a unique customer experience through limited drop packaging that perfectly complements the quality of the products within.

Born from a Unique Need

For too long, cannabis brands made do with packaging options not specifically engineered for the plant's intricacies. However, as the industry evolves, specialized solutions are emerging to properly preserve and present the excellence of cannabis. Leading this necessary evolution is POP-VAC. Recognizing the gaps in existing concentrate and flower vessels, POP-VAC has thoughtfully designed jars that not only showcase but also protect the nuanced artistry that cannabis producers invest in their craft.

Years of hands-on engagement have allowed POP-VAC to identify opportunities for enhancing integrity across the supply chain. Their patented vacuum seal and lid technology skillfully lock in quality, especially for rosin and other solventless SKUs. These purpose-built jars mark the beginning of packaging designed specifically for cannabis – solutions molded to the plant's and consumer needs rather than retrofitting existing forms. Similar to how Vert addresses supply chain gaps for packaging customization, POP-VAC steps in where standard jars fall short.

The inception of Vert was also rooted in recognizing a gap: the demand for drops in the market far exceeded the existing supply chain's capabilities. Consequently, our platform was born to empower producers and brands by providing tools to facilitate small runs of packaging without the limitations of traditional methods. Beyond transactions, Vert's platform is about fostering growth and innovation. Whether through collaborations, limited runs, or product expansions, our focus on drop culture enables brands to bring new products to market faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

What truly sets Vert apart is our commitment to understanding pain points and evolving alongside our partners. As we continually enhance the experience, our goal remains straightforward: to integrate more of what our partners love about Vert into their supply chains, creating an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive. In essence, our partnership with POP-VAC reflects our dedication to revolutionizing cannabis packaging and empowering brands to focus on their strengths – crafting exceptional products for consumers who appreciate the artistry behind each drop.

The Rise of Cannabis Drop Culture

To fully understand Vert's ethos and mission, it's important to look at the evolution of cannabis drop culture that led to our inception.

In many ways, the concept of limited edition "drops" originated in streetwear and sneakerhead communities. Rare, limited run shoes or apparel items would release on a fixed date, compelling fans to line up and creating urgency to purchase before the product sold out.

This drop model was adopted early on by OG cannabis breeders and solventless hash makers informally releasing new strains and products on online forums and communities. Given the plant's illicit status historically, drops allowed underground cultivators to build buzz and reputation through scarcity.

As cannabis gradually emerged into legal markets, this culture persisted. Leading growers would tease upcoming strains on Instagram and dispensaries promoted limited product arrivals. Over time, drops became a pivotal way for brands to create excitement and test new offerings.

However, the supply chain infrastructure struggled to support small batch experimentation. Traditionally, custom printed packaging required large order quantities, long lead times, and bumpy procurement processes unfit for testing concepts. This hindered the full potential of drop culture.

Vert set out to change this status quo. By combining printing technology with online ordering and fulfillment logistics, our platform unlocks the ability to facilitate small custom packaging runs on-demand. In turn, this empowers the cannabis artisans we admire to freely evolve through limited collections.

The Spirit of Collaboration

Core to drop culture is the spirit of inventive collaboration. New forms are revealed when talented artisans intermix perspectives and skills. At Vert, we diligently cultivate an environment where co-creation thrives.

Our own partnership with POP-VAC stemmed from shared respect and complementary capabilities. They delivered a thoughtfully-designed container perfect for preserving cannabis concentrate integrity. We provided the manufacturing flexibility and branding customization to help drive their technology's potential forward.

This symbiotic ethos extends to facilitating joint projects between cultivators, extractors, dispensaries, and brands on our platform. By continuing to streamline packaging and focus on community, collaboration, and customization, we believe Vert can unlock the next chapter of advancement across cannabis. 

Interested in sampling a small run of POP-VAC concentrate or flower jars for your craft cannabis products? We've intentionally built our order minimums, starting at 100 units, so that up front cost isn't a factor. This flexibility paired with our 11 business days or less turn time promise enables your brand to be on shelves innovating and iterating before the competition has even placed their order for a first run of packaging. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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