All of Your Cannabis Packaging Needs From One Partner: Vert’s Single Source Solution

All of Your Cannabis Packaging Needs From One Partner: Vert’s Single Source Solution

The Current State of the Cannabis Packaging Supply Chain

The cannabis industry is booming, but brands face frequent obstacles in getting products to market, especially when it comes to packaging. The traditional cannabis packaging supply chain is incredibly complex and unnecessarily convoluted. It requires operators to  coordinate multiple suppliers and manufacturers of jars, labels, boxes, bags, and more just to create a single product line. This multi-supplier process results in significant friction, bottlenecks, and delays that can severely slow a brand's speed to market.

The Supply Chain Evolution

In the early days of regulated cannabis over a decade ago, packaging almost exclusively came through third-party brokers and distributors. There was limited availability of custom branding or printing specific to cannabis products. Operators had to purchase stock jars or bags from one supplier, then source labels separately from a printer. The need for this fragmented, multi-channel supply chain has existed since the legalized cannabis industry's inception.

Over time, more custom packaging solutions did emerge. Sophisticated brands began utilizing printed labels, boxes, and product suites designed specifically for cannabis. But even today, most packaging manufacturers specialize in only a specific type of container - such as jars, tins, bags, or vapes. Cannabis companies are still forced to piece together a full packaging lineup by working with multiple separate suppliers.

This decentralized supply chain makes it incredibly difficult for cannabis brands and operators to coordinate all the moving pieces. There are different pricing structures, minimum order quantities, and production lead times to contend with across various suppliers. The complexity of managing these disconnected workflows ultimately creates bottlenecks and roadblocks that drag out the process of bringing new product concepts to market.

Vert’s Packaging Solution

To solve these issues and provide a better solution, Vert has built an innovative, vertically-integrated single source supply chain under one roof. From initial packaging design and product conceptualization, to manufacturing, printing, labeling, and final order fulfillment - we manage and execute the entire end-to-end packaging process cohesively in-house.

A diagram comparing the traditional packaging experience with the single source packaging supply chain that Vert offers

This centralized, integrated model cuts out all the friction and inefficiencies of dealing with multiple outside suppliers. Vert streamlines the workflows and handoffs between design, production, manufacturing, and delivery. So the process flows much more smoothly - from the initial packaging concept to getting the finished product stocked on dispensary shelves. No more juggling disparate suppliers, lead times, or minimums.

The Benefits of a Single Source Supply Chain

By controlling the comprehensive supply chain, Vert dramatically accelerates speed to market for cannabis brands. New products and packaging innovations can launch to market substantially faster since everything is produced cohesively at Vert's own facility. Brands don't have to coordinate across disconnected suppliers anymore.

This accelerated speed directly translates to accelerated brand growth and sales. The faster a new product can hit store shelves, the quicker the sales can start coming in. Reducing packaging speed-to-market allows operators to capitalize on new opportunities more nimbly.

The streamlined single source supply chain also enables much greater flexibility in packaging options under one roof. Vert has built extensive customization capabilities to offer both premium custom-branded packaging as well as high-volume stock or commodity-type containers. Brands can carry different packaging tiers for distinct product lines or sub-brands, all sourced turnkey from Vert.

Additionally, with manufacturing and fulfillment integrated in-house, Vert facilitates much faster stock replenishment and reordering. Traditional packaging lead times span 6-8 weeks, or sometimes even longer. Vert however can restock brands quicker than ever before to keep product flowing to stores and avoid bottlenecks.

Who Does Vert Serve?

With its broad infrastructure and capabilities, Vert provides an incredibly diverse solution to meet any cannabis packaging need. Even for early stage brands and startups, Vert offers a unique "triple threat" solution: high quality packaging delivered quickly and affordably. This combination of superior quality, rapid speed-to-market, and low volume costs is incredibly difficult to find in the cannabis packaging space. Most suppliers force brands to sacrifice on one of those key factors.

Vert's domestic digital print and manufacturing technologies allow for premium custom work with an ultra-fast 11-day turnaround at low to no minimum quantities to keep costs down. This unlocks the playing field for smaller, emerging brands to get top-notch packaging fast without breaking the bank.

More established cannabis companies like multi-state operators will also benefit from the flexibility of this omnichannel supply chain model. Vert takes a two-pronged approach in offering both domestic manufacturing and the ability to bulk import orders from Mexico and China. This dual import/domestic strategy gives larger brands options to negotiate more competitive pricing as order volumes scale up.

Across the entire industry, Vert serves a wide spectrum of businesses from startups and mature brands to craft cultivators, processors, contract manufacturers, retailers, and everything in between. The extensive variety of products, customization capabilities, and manufacturing methods in Vert's arsenal allows for production of virtually any type of packaging component our partners need in one place.

The Bottom Line

Packaging continues to be one of the biggest persistent challenges standing in the way of growth for cannabis companies. But our innovative single source supply chain model provides a much-needed solution.

By manufacturing everything turnkey in-house, Vert streamlines the packaging process from initial concept all the way through to fulfillment. This centralized model dramatically cuts down on external friction points and accelerates speed to market. Our approach offers flexibility in packaging options while enabling faster replenishment cycles.

Ultimately, Vert's reimagined packaging workflow streamlines operations and accelerates growth for cannabis businesses across the board. Brands can focus less on coordinating logistics and more on building their core business. With Vert as a true single source partner, operators can bring new packaging to market faster, keep shelves stocked efficiently, and scale their business seamlessly. 

If you’re someone that’s ordering 1,000 to 15,000 or more units across categories, our offering is immediately adding value. When you're able to consolidate all your packaging needs through one streamlined supply chain, it saves tremendous time and headache. If you’re tired of dealing with 3-4 vendors just to ship a single product to market, Vert provides the perfect solution. We handle the entire packaging process from design to delivery in-house. No more assembling a puzzle of jars, labels, bags and boxes from different suppliers. We offer a truly integrated, single source supply chain.

At Vert, we intimately understand the cannabis packaging headaches brands face. We built our company to solve those problems and make growth simple. Let's connect to discuss your goals and how we can streamline your packaging and accelerate your brand success. Fill out the form below to get started!

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