The Rise of Flip Top Pre-Roll Packaging

The Rise of Flip Top Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-rolls have exploded in popularity over the last few years, sparking major innovation in products and packaging. One format gaining traction is the flip top box, like you'd see for a pack of cigarettes. These nostalgic, easy-to-use boxes provide a premium and convenient experience for pre-roll consumers.

Impact Farms, New Mexico pre-roll packaging

We first saw the flip tops take off out in Massachusetts, where brands are using the flip top style box, which is non child resistant, as the primary container for their pre-rolls and then using a pouch as the child resistant (CR) secondary layer.

This way brands can have a compliant package on retailer shelves and still be able to utilize this style of box. What's really great about that is that regulatory and compliance labels get placed onto that pouch instead of directly onto the box with your brand's name on it.

The pre roll market has experienced significant growth in recent years, largely attributed to innovations pioneered by industry leaders like Jeeter, which sparked a wave of creativity and expansion within the segment.

Initially dominated by flower only and live resin infused joints, the market has diversified to include products like hash holes, catering to niche preferences. With more states coming online, the popularity of straight-line pre rolls, resembling cigarette-style wraps, offers consumers more variety in their smoking experience. With a range of infusion and packaging options available, the pre-roll category continues to evolve to meet various market demands.

Back in the day, 5 or 6 years ago, pre-rolls were sold in basic generic tubes with a pop-top lid and minimal branding. There was very little differentiation in the market.

But today, we're seeing the multi-pack pre-roll segment take off in a big way. Multi-packs provide excellent value for brands and consumers alike. With less packaging cost per gram, brands can offer more affordable pricing that today's value-focused shoppers love.

Whether it's top shelf, mid-range or bottom tier, today's cannabis consumer is constantly evaluating products to get the best bang for their buck. Multi-pack pre-rolls are a great way to cut costs in the packaging element and pass those savings to the consumer with a competitively priced product, regardless of quality tier.

For 40 Tons recent New York launch, we produced and delivered multiple versions of a 10-pack flip top in under two weeks. This style of package is perfect for a market like New York where you're able to socially consume, which includes walking down the street. You're able to easily pull out the pack and light one up.

40 Tons Pre-roll packaging lined up with a joint leaning against the box, box colors are blue, orange, red and green
40 Tons pre-roll packaging for their New York launch

At Vert, we offer an extensive selection of pre-roll flip top boxes. Whether you need a 5-pack, 10-pack, 14-pack, 20-pack or anything in between, we've got you covered. We can even create fully custom flip top configurations to meet your specific needs.

And with our rapid prototyping capabilities, you can see physical samples of your branded flip tops with artwork printed on them in just 5 days. This allows you to visualize and perfect your packaging before placing a full production order.

Our efficient supply chain enables fast fulfillment of your flip top orders. We can deliver 100+ unit minimums in just 11 days or less. This agility empowers brands to execute launches and promotions much quicker. Plus, we provide the flexibility to easily split orders across multiple artwork versions and finishes like gloss, matte, and soft touch.

Ready to explore flip top and multi-pack options for your pre-rolls? Get in touch today to kickstart your next packaging project.

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